emanuel the manollo

Emanuel the Manollo was born as Emanuel Riederer in St.Gallen, Switzerland in 1982.
He started playing drums as a child and took his first lessons in the age of 10 with Pierre Favre, one of the masters and founders of the melodic-approached-drumset-playing. Later he studied with Orlando Ribar while getting his high school diploma. Later he graduated at Jazzschool St.Gallen.

Emanuel was drummer and music director of Sektion Kuchikäschtli, the most successfull swiss hiphop band. With this project he had the opportunity to play almost every club and all the big festivals in switzerland.

In 2009 he went to New York, where he studied with teachers like Swiss Chris and Louis Cato.

Back in Switzerland he produced the album of his group Marieel called „darling of fortune“ together with the female singer Mariel Zambellis and surrounded by a circel of top musicians including Leon Duncan (jamaican bassplayer of Monty Alexander), Fabian M. Mueller (piano), Stefan Widmer (saxophone) and Gabriel Meyer (guitar) among many others.



The album was released in February 2012 on Hinterhaus Records and contains featurings with french rapstar Disiz and spoken word artist Eto Otitigbe from New York.

While touring with the liveband in switzerland and getting in touch with westafrican music, emanuel more and more had the musical vision for his future project.

From 2012 till 2016 he played with the 3 brothers Sankoum, Sadio and Moussa from senegal griotfam Cissokho and guinean djembéfola Yamoussa Sylla.

He founded a new intercultural exchange project called noumuso (nouvelle musique solar) with Yamoussa Sylla. He is currently producing their debutalbum which will finally come out 2017.

Topmusicians from all around the world were blessing the record. (read more: projects noumuso)

As a drumteacher he gives privat lessons in st.gallen and works as sub for several high schools and music schools.